Storage/Packaging solutions


Storage/Packaging solutions

Dimensions: 97,00 mm x 97,00 mm x 100,00 mm

Width: 97mm

Length: 97mm

Height: 100 mm

Capacity: 500 ml

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Laboratory Storage solutions
Single handed use

The lab ware container features are specifically targeted at improving and assisting the task of opening and closing of thread based closures. Asides from offering an automated assured lock and seal, the container offers distinct advantages listed below.


- Auto lock and seal

- Bi-directional

- Intuitive

- Single handed usage

- Protects contents from light and humidity.

- Colour coded (allowing for easy visual identification)

Identified usage

- Laboratory storage

- pre packed powdered chemicals

- bulk packaging for power shakes

- bulk supplements

The Design


The Materials

- Body: Food grade HDPE

- Lid/closure: Copolyester (Eastman Tritan)

- Seal: Medical Grade Silicon

- Magnets: Nd Fe B

* (HDPE) High-density polyethylene

* TritanTM, a material offering an alternative to the traditional plastics used in manufacturing. The major advantage of TritanTM is that it does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which recent studies have shown to raise health concerns. Other advantages of TritanTM include revolutionary strength, odour, taste and stain resistance, dishwasher safe and shatter proof.