Teio Solo


Teio Solo storage solutions

The Dimensions of Teio Solo are:

Diameter top (Lid): 80mm

Diameter middle (Lid / Canister): 100mm

Diameter bottom: 70mm

Height total: 126.5 mm including rubber feet.

Rubber feet: 1mm

Height canister: 86.5 mm

Height Lid: 39.5mm

Teio Solo Storage solutions
Teio Solo was designed with people of all ages in mind.

The Teio Solo features are specifically targeted at improving and assisting the cumbersome and some times even debilitating task of opening and closing of thread based closures. Asides from offering an automated assured lock and seal, Teio solo offers distinct benefits to a number of physically challenged groups of individuals by way of MagLid. The clever use of tiny magnets assist in lock and seal of lid to canister, while at the same time making the intuitive twist opening (bidirectional) so effortless that it can be done with a single hand. With an ever increasing ageing demographic we believe that simple intelligent designs are key to improving the lives of all around us.


- Auto lock and seal

- Bi-directional

- Intuitive

- Single handed usage

- Protects contents from light and humidity. (Keeps contents fresh)

- Beautiful ergonomic design

The Design

Teio Solo was designed with an equal emphasis on function and form.

Keeping the contents of the storage container fresh and moisture free is the main culprit for market frustrations. This is caused primarily by storage canisters which do not close correctly. Inadequate sealing systems and difficulties in opening and closing these storage containers only contribute to these frustrations. Our product has been designed to overcome all of these challenges.

From a functional perspective, the Teio Solo canister conforms to all the requirements for optimal storage (humidity, air, light, heat and odour resistant).

By combining our aesthetic design with the advanced patented closure technology called MagLidTM, Teio Solo was created. A storage solution like no other.


The Materials

- TritanTM, a new material offering an alternative to the traditional plastics used in manufacturing. The major advantage of TritanTM is that it does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which recent studies have shown to raise health concerns. Other advantages of TritanTM include revolutionary strength, odour, taste and stain resistance, dishwasher safe and shatter proof.

- Natural composite fibres that are environmentally friendly and that comply with all environmental requirements.